Adam Oldmeadow

Becoming ill with ME/CFS was like being in a slow motion car crash. Whilst I could see it happening from a mile away, there was nothing I could do to stop it. Hallmarked by prolonged periods of mental and physical fatigue that is not sufficiently improved by rest or sleep, ME/CFS is  a horrible fog that enshrouds your mind, body and spirit and tends to bring the collapse of almost everything that is important; friends, study/job, fitness… life!

CFS was nothing new for me because I’d been there before, twice already! I’d had it really bad when I was ten, and I slept through around 6 months of school when I was sixteen.

The third time occurred just before my final year of studying Civil Engineering. This time, however, I knew something had to be different!! There was no point going through the same cycles, the same patterns, the same disappointments and failures. I couldn’t face the concept of a limited and mediocre life.

I felt that I had already learned what was most valuable in life from my previous experiences with CFS; family, friends, sunshine and freedom.

What I hadn’t learned was how to change my situation.

Adam studied engineering 600

So with the extremely sceptical mind of an engineer, I set out to explore what actually made sense. What scientifically valid techniques allow long-term change?

Over a period of three years I invested all of my time, money, heart and soul in finding, experiencing and experimenting with the most effective tools for the widest range of circumstances.

IMG_4168 600

Recovering from chronic illness is quite a journey!

7 Years later, I am substantially fitter and stronger. I am not 100% recovered and continually work towards improving my health. Methods such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Healing and Yoga helped me to release trauma and trapped emotion which has allowed me to feel more alive, happy and for my physical body to regain strength and vitality.

I have since been completed my degree, completed further study full time and now work more than full time hours across three exciting and inspiring industries & roles. In addition, I routinely enjoy exploring nature, swimming & yoga without experiencing the ‘consequence’ of requiring many hours to rest & recover.

The science, life lessons and spiritual perspectives I have come across are so amazing, so fascinating, interesting, exciting and inspiring that I have chosen to pursue this as a career. After the enormous journey I have been on, how could I have experienced and learned these techniques that have helped me with my health, and not share them with others?

I believe that everything is logical; we just have to understand it. For thousands of years, people would have said, “Stop mucking around with those blocks, they’ll just fall down again. Why don’t you go and do something useful?” Until one day, someone worked out the overall form of an arch, which was then used to build bridges, large buildings and churches. Now days the form of an arch is taught in school and generally perceived as simple and pretty obvious.

My vision is for the same type of thing to occur for our health. The META-Health model that I use and teach is all-inclusive and encompasses western, eastern and even spiritual/indigenous/shamanic ‘treatment’ methods. It explains the process of disease and how all these interventions can be helpful in some way at some point. Furthermore, by understanding the overall form of our illness we can devise ways to create the quickest, most efficient, least painful and most sustainable change.


I now see clients in Melbourne, Australia and also love to connect with people from around Australia and other parts of the world through the wonders of technology.

Thank you for reading, and I leave you with his question:

What do you choose to change?

Adam Oldmeadow