Professional Recommendation:

“From a psychologist and psychotherapist’s experience Adam uses effective ways of integrating trauma which quickly access the origin of the issue. I found my experience of Adam’s work and the methods he uses to map up the body as well as EFT which accesses the body’s unconscious a powerful healing technique to remove resistance.  This unlocks the blocks and releases the issue or trauma by accessing the cause and releasing it. All of which are most powerful as they enhance and empower the client to access their own wisdom from a more integrated/holistic perspective.

Adams’ work is effective, powerful and empowering. I have worked with trauma as a psychologist for years and I highly recommend his work as a therapist and healer. You can expect to leave a session with him feeling reinvigorated as layers of junk are removed from your souls consciousness and your psyche; revealing a more authentic, pure and aligned way of Being”

Dr Fernanda Barros


Health Coaching:

Adam’s work with me, using Matrix Reimprinting and Meta Medicine has been so beneficial to me. I have Lyme Disease, and it has been a long road for me with a lot of illness, and discouragements along the way.

Adam has helped me to heal from this disease. He helped me get to the root of the issue, and kept guiding me towards my own answers. I have gone from feeling discouraged, disorganized and exhausted to having hope, regaining energy and finding my center and organizing my life.

Julie Johnson, Clinical Social Worker.

(Skype client from the U.S.)


Pam’s story (as written by Adam and featured in the video below):

I ended up doing an impromptu session with Pam. She was a participant on the course had been experiencing terrible lower back pain for about a week since she’d slipped and fallen on rocks whilst rafting on holiday and had had little opportunity to rest it since. Importantly, whilst she fell on it and it was a physical injury, there was still a reason why she attracted that injury to that part of her body at point in time. In working with me, we addressed it and reduced the pain from so intense she could barely walk up the stairs to the event and was uncomfortable the entire time, to being enormously relieved and even skipping down the same stairs the next day! Another benefit was that she immediately stopped taking double the recommended dose of extra strong pain killers – a huge benefit for her whole body as it was definitely not a long term option!



Adam helped me clear up a chronic back pain condition. This had been troubling me for years and no amount of work I’ve done on it myself has come close to the results Adam got working with me. Adam has a strong skill and capacity to use intuition and dynamic change tools to assist one with the change one is choosing.

The results speak for themselves. Thank you Adam!

Connie Walker, Eltham


It took 1 session of seeing Adam to get rid of 30 years of niggling, annoying, aching pain in the base of my head.

I discovered through a memory that it was due to an accident I had had when I was about five years old and that if I had had my neck checked and worked on at that time, I wouldn’t have had a long history of headaches and neck pain. Even though I had regular massages, had tried osteopathy and chiropractors – it was clearing the emotion associated with the memory and doing some physical Bowen therapy on my neck on my Echo (past self in the memory) that has had the best result! Wow I’m amazed.

Thanks Adam!

N. Collins, Mt Martha


Hi Adam

Thank you so much for today!

Funny thing – my right shoulder/neck area has been giving me trouble for ages. My chiropractor has been working on it for a long time and it’s just never felt like he’s got the right spot or that it’s shifted – well of course today there was this massive double whammy crack and my god it feels better! Thank you for shifting the energy around it so it was able to move. He also did work in another area that’s been giving me trouble but hasn’t shifted properly and again that moved. Not like the shoulder thing but still way better. I really like the questions you made me think of. I also liked the idea of calling the darkness/old habits/beleifs etc an entity. It kinda makes me think of it as something other than a part of me and therefore something that’s not ingrained – something that can be kicked out and rotten rid of. I felt so good coming home. I reckon I’ll sleep well for the first time in ages tonight!

Thanks again
Sam, Blairgowrie


In the week leading up to my appointment with Adam, I had been feeling incredibly sick and was unable to eat very much, despite the fact that I hadn’t made any recent changes to my diet. I was still making meals and trying to eat some, but was really only managing a few mouthfuls per meal. Adam used EFT to explore the reason behind the feeling of nausea and to help me release those emotions. When I went home from the session, I ate both the leftover lunch and dinner from the previous day that I had been unable to eat and I was STILL hungry! Needless to say, the session had a huge impact on how I was feeling and I was able to get back to eating proper meals again.

Adam has helped me in coming to terms with my past experiences and has given me the tools to change my present reality. Working with him has allowed me to make huge progress in my journey towards healing and I am extremely grateful for all of his help. He is so genuinely caring and supportive and it is really easy to talk openly with him. For anyone who is struggling with chronic illness or a mental health condition, I would highly recommend paying Adam a visit! :) 

Rhiannon, Melbourne


Here is a video of Monica talking about the use of EFT and META-Health for Vertigo


Adam is acutely aware of the unique challenges chronic illness patients face and how it impacts our careers. Working with Adam gave me the tools to crystallize my values, motivators and strengths and to take charge of my professional/personal life. I strongly recommend Adam’s coaching to anyone with a chronic illness”


Adam EFT Testimonial


EFT Tapping Practitioner Melbourne Testimonial


Life Coaching:


EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Testimonial


Adam is an incredible healer.
His ability to be fully present and sensitive allowed the space to work through some traumatic sexual assault issue that I wouldn’t share with anyone.
I left our session feeling 100% lighter, more relaxed and at peace than when I came.
I also got clarity on the things I needed to change to continue my healing.

Lisa R, Sydney


I had to face quite a big traumatic experience with a lot of emotions attached to it. Adam was able to guide me through this process with ease and grace to assist me in facing my fear and letting go. I felt a wave of relief wash over me and a feeling of clarity and amazement at how wonderful I am.

Sarah, Narre Warren


“I went to see Adam not really knowing what would happen or what to expect, but that didn’t matter, the energy leading up to the session was magical and exciting. I arrived at the location and we spent some time in the garden attuning with nature, then we went inside to the room and spent some time exploring and re-creating and forming friendships with that within my subconscious and energy bodies. It was a truly life-changing and enhancing experience. I re-lived moments of past lives and this current life and re-structured past events to they would no longer hold me back. Highly highly recommended.

Adam is highly attuned and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Kathryn, Warrandyte


Adam has a unique gift with bodies and beings. He worked on my heart and opened it up to receiving so much more and sharing so much more love. The gratitude I felt bubbling up from within me brought tears to my eyes and so much love to my heart space.

I integrated a lot more of me into my being in that short session with Adam. So grateful to you!! Thank-you for sharing your gifts with me!! 

Mars, Gold Coast, NSW


I’ve had arachnophobia since I can remember. So when I heard about Adam from a friend who said he could help with my arachnophobia I was curious to see what it was all about. It started off really simple, Adam explained what we were going to do and clarified if I ever felt uncomfortable I should just say so and we can stop. We began to talk about my previous encounters with spiders. Adam’s a really nice guy and made the whole experience really comfortable and easy to understand.

Once we had finished the treatment I went outside and one of my friends started teasing me about spiders; he even showed me a picture of a spider and I wasn’t afraid at all; I didn’t even flinch. Later on I saw a spider at the sink and it didn’t bother me at all; whereas I would usually go off screaming. This experience has really helped me develop. I now know that when I’m near spiders everything will be ok and that I have no reason to be afraid.

I would definitely recommend this treatment.

Sophie, 17, Rowville


EFT Level 1 & 2 Training:

“The three day EFT training was a great experience. Adam has a genuine and caring teaching style. While practicing the Movie Technique another student and I both experienced a significant shift. That was pretty special. I really enjoyed Adam’s friendly relaxed approach.  It was powerful for Adam to share his personal story and how EFT and Matrix Reimprinting has helped him. He’s a beautiful person and I learned a lot from him. It was great having the manual’s content on a big screen. Now I need to go away and process and practice for myself.  Thanks Adam.”


The Heart of Healing Training:

“Wow, where to start? My experience during the course was unbelievable and a major eye opener to me. It is one thing to be told these techniques but it was a completely different experience to try first hand and see the results. I honestly believe I can go out into the world and use the skills I learnt effectively.

Adam was an amazing facilitator very patient, answered all my questions and gave me plenty of attention to help with learning all the techniques. During the course I definitely experienced a major energetic and awareness shift which was shown during my experiences. Prior to the course I had only been slightly shown what is possible when you open up to what I would call the spiritual realm. Being from a business orientated lifestyle it was a refreshing, much needed wakeup call which I’m glad I received. This change I can see will be a permanently lasting one.

The course was held in an amazing location with everyone present and holding space during the course and I’m so glad I got to experience this.

The visions I had during the use of one of the techniques both defied my logic and should not have happened according to what I’ve been taught previously by society. At first I found it extremely weird but eventually opened up my mind more to the possibilities and was amazed with what I learnt.

The EFT acupuncture point tapping technique was very effective which actually took me by surprise. Through seeing how it was done and then trying it out too I managed to see the effects it had.

I completely recommend the course to anyone thinking of starting or wanting to develop their skills in healing techniques to go and make a positive difference in the world”

Workshop participant from Adelaide


The Heart of Healing was really valuable for me as a new practitioner. It gave me frameworks and tools for connecting with clients and meeting their needs. It helped me think about my healing space and how to prepare it. Adam was professional, knowledgeable and displayed a comfort with his healing knowledge that comes from years of experience. This helps me step up to the next level.

Thanks Adam!”

Ed Pertl, Clayton, Victoria


Foundations of META-Health Training:

“This will help me in my future business with clients to understand their conditions & move forward. It has also helped me gain a greater understanding of my coeliac, itchy hand & patterns that I have observed in those close to me.”

Emily, Wantirna South, Victoria


“The 2-day Meta-Health course was packed with information that I can now take away & incorporate into my healing work with clients. I had been experiencing inflammation/swelling in my ankles over the past weeks and the course provided me with interesting insights to with to resolve the underlying emotional causes.

Adam was very generous with the information that he shared and worked with us at a pace that was comfortable. He included meditations and other exercises which helped with consolidating our knowledge.

I recommend this course to other healing/coaching practitioners. It is a valuable tool that offers insights that are unique.”

Lilian Cunningham, Balaclava, Victoria


“I went into MS remission 12 months ago, but I didn’t 100% know how I did it or how to achieve it long term. Adam’s training helped fill in some of those important gaps.

There were heaps of discussions about the material provided and the questions asked were answered in a way that furthered my understanding of the material and of what I was searching to understand regarding my own health.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was impressed by Adam’s wealth of knowledge and his genuine interest in assisting those who wish to change their health.”



“I discovered Metaphysics for myself reading Louise L. Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. My self-awareness grew as did my curiosity. Meeting Adam and being introduced to Meta Health has been wonderful act of fate. Adam’s quest to share his knowledge and open hearts is inspiring. Our medical system world-wide has lost track; We swim in circles of questions and symptoms, blindly accepting scripts. I feel Meta Health can take us to the heart of the matter by consciously re-connecting us with ourselves, using the information as guide to listen to our bodies for message it wishes to communicate to us. Health is our true worth, and the best gift you can give someone are the tools to improve on that.

I feel confident in turning to Adam for guidance, as I continue to learn and apply Meta-Health in my daily life. So Thank you Adam, love and best of health to you reading.”

Marija Herceg, Melbourne, Australia


“The training has given me a really amazing intellectual framework that will help to compliment my intuitive abilities in deciphering the subconscious belief patterns that feed an illness.

I loved Adams teaching style. He was really clear with the way that he taught and gave adequate breaks throughout the course. He is also really relaxed and relatable with his teaching style, making it easy to relax and absorb the teachings.

I feel more confident working with clients, now, having this extra training to complement the other modalities I work with.”

Sigourney Weldon


Shamanic Drumming:

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 1.45.30 PM


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Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Drumming:

Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 1.50.44 PM

Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 1.50.54 PM


Goal Setting For The Soul:

“I just wanted to thank both of you for yesterdays workshop, it was very awakening for me and the realization of how deep I actually went yesterday only hit me on the way home and this morning, I got home last night and cried so hard, I haven’t cried like that in such a long time, I’d obviously cleared some serious shit that I needed too and it was only through your workshop yesterday was i able to do that, it was perfectly aligned and exactly what I needed at the right time, I realized that I have so many goals and so I’ve been spending the day re aligning myself and setting down some pretty powerful intentions today, I’ve managed to regain the clarity and the focus I’d been searching for, for sometime. I’m feeling bright, lighter and happy and very excited about the journey ahead of me. so thank you lovely one, I look forward to connecting with you again very soon. have a blessed day further

xxxx with much love and caring”

Cherry, Melbourne Australia


Talks & Workshops in Schools:


Here is a testimonial from Trevor Barry of Noble Park Secondary College:

“I invited Adam to come along to do a workshop with my VCAL Personal Development Skills class. As our focus for this semester was Health and wellbeing, I thought this might be a very healthy experience on focussing on the mental side of their development.

They were already engaged in physical training with a personal trainer from a local gym and for me this experience was something none of them would have had in their lifetime. I met with him prior to the session to give him an idea of what it was I was after. We agreed the session would simply take a form and shape of its own. Adam was going to come to the classroom and simply be guided by the energy and feeling that prevailed during that session. 

On the day in question, I was juggling two classes simultaneously but from the moment Adam walked into the room he commanded the attention of the students. His look, the drum and I guess the unconventional appearance of him made the students more intrigued. He took charge even before I managed to introduce him to the class and from that moment on, my class was his. 

As the session continued and he set the mood and the students felt comfortable with him, they opened themselves to the experience. Some started responding to his questioning techniques and if I may say they started trusting him. For some it unnerved those with the awakening of feelings and emotions buried within them.

As he had brought a drum along with him, they were quite intrigued by that. As a closing session, he asked them to stand in a circle and shut their eyes. He started beating the drum and moved around the room stopping at each student. They all stood still and totally embraced the moment and allowed themselves to simply live in that moment.

I was so amazed at these students reaction and response as some of them have serious problems staying connected and focussed for extended periods of time. He managed to engage them for the entire time he was there.

At the end of the drum session they were invited to share their innermost feelings and emotions they experienced before, during and after the drum session. They were quite moved. This for me was so moving too as I realised how he touched these students without even imposing too much of his own ideas and experiences to co-erce them into sharing.

For some of these students who come from backgrounds of such diversity, it was a something they themselves were amazed at allowing themselves enjoy. I was so proud of them simply living in the moment and being open to the experience.  When we shared a moment reflecting thereafter, some of them wanted to know when he was returning almost validating the positive experience they had.

I will have Adam back in a flash and would high recommend him should he want to run a session with a group of students. He has the natural ability to connect with young people on their level.

Well done Adam and thanks once again“

Trevor Barry, Noble Park Secondary College


Heart Activation & Healing Retreat:


“Hi Adam,

I would like to thank you for your meditation and EFT workshops over the weekend, I felt there was a significant shift following each session. Going into the last Meditation on Sunday I was not in a good place, during the meditation there was a massive shift and today I am still in that unbelievable place.”



Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 1.10.28 pm copy
Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 1.14.30 pm

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 1.14.52 pm copy

Renae is from Soul Health International