The Cacao Tribe Australia – an amazing ceremony!

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It was the blistering heat of Melbourne, February 2014.


I walked into the space at the wonderfully alive and deeply satisfying Shoku Iku organic raw food café in Northcote and was engulfed by the smoke of burning sage.


I was in a light headed state from fasting throughout the 40°C  day whilst assisting a friend (featured here) to move apartments. In fact, I walked past the venue twice – even with familiar faces standing right outside.



After saying “Hi’s” and “How do you do’s”, we settled in and the ceremony begun!


Caitlin Priday (Founder of The Cacao Tribe Australia) was a little bit nervous up the front and I sent her warmth as she looked at me for support.


I’ve learned from beginning to do public speaking that the thing that most scares and excites you may well be your greatest passion, calling and opportunity to influence the world. So I sent a bit of warmth – but not too much as I knew it was her path to step up and discover that she has an abundance of strength, fortitude and resources within herself.

The Cacao Tribe Ceremony Shoku Iku


The Cacao itself is amazing!!!!!!!


It’s so rich in flavor that I compare it to quality scotch; once you’ve had it a few times, Johnny Walker Red is only for emergencies.


Nick Didj played his didj (funnily enough!) and there was spontaneous singing, and at one point an uproar of animalistic yelling!


The Cacao Tribe Ceremony Shoku Iku AUstralia

During the ceremony, my right soleus cramped up.


Asher who was helping with the ceremony was right onto it and came over for support. Caitlin was there next. They knew exactly what was going on and fortunately a friend had salt, which helped. For the next ten minutes I ‘processed’ a lot. My abdominals were crunching in and most of my body was contracting and releasing. Whilst it may sound dramatic, it was fine as I was aware of what was happening and why and stayed present with my breath and was in gratitude that so much stuck energy was being released.



As a Health Coach, I knew it wasn’t happening right there and then without a clear and logical reason.


Your soleus is the muscle/tendon between your calf and your Achilles. Put simply, the calf muscle helps us move forward and step up, and the Achilles acts like spring so we can move extra fast.


Only 10 seconds before the cramping begun, I had been sitting with a candle in front of me and made the decision and set a clear and present intention to ‘hurry up and step into my masculinity’.


In complex terms, the cramping occurs as part of the ‘healing crises’ of the resolution of a disease process.


In simple terms, my leg hurt as part of the energetic release. Understanding what was happening allowed me to perceive it as a simple confirmation of the shift (rather than an annoying pain/wrongness to stop/prevent).




We were all in such high vibes that we hung around for what felt like hours, connecting with new people and feeling like we’d known each other forever.


The group eventually disbanded and hugged Caitlin as I left. She said, ‘Wow, you’re vibrating!’ I was in such a high state that I probably was!


I needed to give my friend Lil a lift home but before that we had to find some food!!!!!


Sitting at the only restaurant that was still serving dinner after 11pm, our bodies were tired from the experience and certainly hungry. But we also felt really light, almost as if our spirits were floating above our bodies.


The whole experience was phenomenal. The people, the venue, the set-up, the ceremony, the connections afterwards and the amazing light feelings continued for days afterwards.


I saw a couple of clients the next morning and was still very much in tune. The sessions went far beyond what I expected they’d be ready and open to receive. I couldn’t believe the amazing shifts in their core beliefs and behavior, and even just how relaxed an in-spirited they looked afterwards.



So if anyone is wondering…  ”Hmmm… Should I try Cacao?”

To you I say, “Yes – right now!

Caitlin has served cacao and held ceremonies at many events and festivals this year.
Events include Maitreya Festival in March, Tribe NYE
This is a picture from the opening ceremony of “Tribe Fire” in August. Caitlin is in the middle in yellow. I’m sitting on her right.
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