Foundations of Metaphysics & Health

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‘Foundations of Metaphysics & Health’ is 2 day training for all health practitioners that would like to learn the evolutionary root of illness, the stress & restoration phases we go through and the psycho-emotional stressors we can focus upon so that our bodies self-heal with the appropriate physical support.

SECOND Story Studios, EFT & Meta-health training Melbourne

How is this information important?

For those living in countries such as Australia, the western medical system provides options for removing and managing the symptoms of disease. In fact, visiting your doctor or local hospital for a check up and/or treatment, especially in acute and emergency situations, may well be your best option and could even save your life!

However, whilst we have progressed very far in terms the research and development of physical intervention and pharmaceuticals, there is a gap in the range of treatments offered.

This gap is in the treatment of chronic pain & illness.

We all have, are or will be sick in our lifetime.

Whilst there are helpful tests, scans and diagnosis for us to find out what is happening in our bodies, we are not always provided with a holistic perspective as to the root cause of our illness.

To fill this gap, I trained to become a practitioner in a holistic health model,’Meta-Medicine’/'META-Health’ and also train others in such knowledge so they can best heal themselves and assist others as part of their work.

It is time for us to look deeper into our health. Why we get sick; What sets if off? How can it come and go? How can some people experince ‘miracle’ recovery and some simply forget or seem to ‘grow out’ of their condition.

SECOND Story Studios, EFT & Meta-health training Melbourne

This framework can be used to address a wide range of mental and physical illness with any of your modalities.

Applying this knowledge may improve the speed, accuracy and long-term effectiveness of your treatments.




Picture from International META-Medicine Association

The course includes:

Musculoskeletal - Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Remprinting

Participant Feedback:

“The 2-day course was packed with information that I can now take away & incorporate into my healing work with clients. I had been experiencing inflammation/swelling in my ankles over the past weeks and the course provided me with interesting insights to with to resolve the underlying emotional causes.

Adam was very generous with the information that he shared and worked with us at a pace that was comfortable. He included meditations and other exercises which helped with consolidating our knowledge.

I recommend this course to other healing/coaching practitioners. It is a valuable tool that offers insights that are unique.”

Lilian Cunningham, Balaclava, Victoria


Picture from the last workshop:



Booking Information:

Next Training:  Email me to register your interest in a Melbourne training.

Full investment: $495


About Adam:

Having experienced chronic illness from the early age of ten years old, Adam’s work is very close to his heart. The fact that we can either change our state of health or enjoy life even more regardless inspires him to be there for anyone that seeks more from their body and their life.

He trained as a Health Coach with Rob van Overbruggen. His thesis explored the similarities and differences between the traditional medical perspective of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Meta-Medicine interpretation, and how working from an integrated perspective may lead to improved patient outcomes.

He works around Australia as a Health Coach and EFT Therapist and has impacted the lives of over 1500 people through his work in facilitating one-on-one healing sessions, healing workshops, Tribe Cacao Parties, meditations, ceremonies, drumming and yoga retreats.

Adam Oldmeadow


His vision is for a society as a whole to recognize the impact of our emotions, beliefs, nutrition and lifestyle upon our health and for this knowledge to be perceived (or perhaps realised!) to be ‘self evident’.

This knowledge has the power to transform pain and illness from a ‘wrongness’ and ‘mistake’ to an intelligent awareness leading to an expansion of our life.

It certainly has for him!

Please share these workshops with anyone that you think may benefit :)  


Contact Adam to find out more or request a training in your location

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