Past: Tribe NYE – The New Earth

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Tribe NYE Party Melbourne 2015 The New Earth

Tribe NYE Party Melbourne 2015 The New Earth Booking Link

Close your eyes. Take a breath. Surrender the ego, and drop into your heart for the journey of a lifetime!

It has been a big year. A HUGE one in fact in which so much of our lives has changed. For myself, it has been the most powerful year of my life and I am incredibly grateful for all that I have learned and experienced. What better way to celebrate than with my friends and colleagues by being part of the Tribe crew to ensure it runs as a success. For you, Tribe NYE will be the number 1 place in Melbourne to experience a greater connection with yourself and others, reflect upon the past year and set new goals and visions for the year to come. Along with your ticket you’ll receive a wonderful vegan dinner and drink. Most importantly, it’s the kind of event and space in which you can attend alone and make a whole bunch of heart-centred friends, or invite your group of friends to share the love between you all.

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☆ This is a family friendly drug and alcohol-free event for all ages ☆

Tickets can be purchased at

 Use the code ‘IMWITHADAM’ to receive a small discount

WHAT’S THE WORD: “Being able to bring my 15yo daughter and her best friend was a highlight to my maternal heart. I know you realise how precious and wonderful it is to be able to demonstrate being in openness, fun, joy, love and spirit with young people without the need for alcohol. To a parent it is a huge gift that you created this space. Deep gratitude. One of the best parties I have ever attended.” – Simone Surgeoner “I can’t put in words the energy felt throughout the night, there was so much love it was insane! More than a party, lives were touched, friendships made, souls healed and the present became our existence, no yesterdays or tomorrows.” – Homero Gurrera


Venue: Second Story Studios 159 Sackville Street  Collingwood


Tickets can be purchased at

 Use the code ‘IMWITHADAM’ to receive a small discount

Here is my profile from the Tribe website:

How and why did you join Tribe? For me, the conception of Tribe was made possible by an amazing experience Paras, Miroslav, Ben and myself had at a Demartini ‘Visionary Leadership’ conference. Demartini’s talks were phenomenal, moving us to tears and inspiring a passionate standing ovation. On the Saturday night, we ate at Lentils as Anything in St Kilda, had Pana chocolate for desert, and I remember the four of us sitting at the front table, gushing with light, warmth and inspiration in a massive group smile. A week or so later, I saw a facebook post by Miroslav about an idea that had come to him and Paras. It was hidden somewhere in the middle of the news feed when I was scrolling through, but it jumped out at me like a lightbulb and I knew I’d be hearing more. Another week and a half later, I was invited to the first Tribe meeting. I didn’t know why I was there or what I could offer. I was the last to speak and shared a bit of my story; having been ill many times over many years, my journey of recovery and goal to educate and empower the world to do the same. I said to the group that I was beyond the need for words and stories about the past and future and felt to share my vision for how I want my life to be and feel like, ‘Live from the heart and enjoy the miracle of life’.


What do you bring to Tribe? I feel that’s what I bring to Tribe. As much as possible, be in the subtle, gentle and infinitely powerful heart space that allows us to perceive, receive and expand all that is, and connect through others so our hearts beat as one. On a practical level, I use my engineering background to build a 4m high Tribe symbol from dried up young gum tree trunks, provide healing and heart opening to the Tribe community and be a ‘jack of all trades’ for the event, sharing my ideas and inspiration and helping set up the venue so it is a safe and welcoming space, and generally walk around saying ‘Wow!!!’ a lot to the all amazing situations and moments we experience along the journey of hosting Tribe.



Adam Oldmeadow Tribe Symbol

How has your life changed since joining Tribe? My life has changed in the way that I feel supported, acknowledged and appreciated in my natural way of being. My gifts and talents are seen and given a chance to shine and I am honoured to be part of the daily experience of watching those around me grow and create a positive impact upon the world, as by showing our true colours we provide an expansive platform for others to do the same.


What are you passionate about bringing into the world? Last year I started a business called Choose To Change in which I provide one-on-one support, health plans, emotional trauma relief and intuitive energy healing. I also run meditations, ceremonies and META-Health Workshops to educate the people of Australia (and the world) about the evolutionary and spiritual purpose of their disease and how addressing it through the space of an open heart can make it the most powerful experience in the evolution of their life.

How can people get in touch?

Mobile: 0413 466 155



Tribe NYE Party Melbourne 2015 The New Earth Booking Link

Tickets can be purchased at

 Use the code ‘IMWITHADAM’ to receive a small discount

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