EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Otherwise known as “Emotional Freedom Technique” or ‘Tapping’, EFT is a fast, simple and effective technique that relaxes the body and mind.

EFT involves light tapping of the fingers on a series of meridian points (acupressure) on the face and hands to release the emotional charge associated with facts and events.

I use EFT tapping with most of my clients as it can be learned and applied in minutes with immediate results.

 This is a diagram of the tapping points:


Professor Tony Stewart Talking About EFT on BBC Midlands 14th Jan 2014



Research has shown that tapping on acupressure points in EFT calms the nervous system. It reduces the flight-flight response by sending signals to the Amygdala and Hippocampus in the brain. Research has shown a decrease in cortisol through the use of EFT.

EFT has produced statistically significant improvements for;

Here is a regularly updated directory of EFT research.


I have been involved in an EFT Research Study at Monash University in Melbourne Australia:

Against all Odds: Cases of Radical Recovery through EFT

EFT Research Update! EFT via Phone and Skype 


Here are some testimonials from clients that I’ve worked with using EFT:

Pam’s story (as written by Adam and featured in the video below):

I ended up doing an impromptu session with Pam. She was a participant on the course had been experiencing terrible lower back pain for about a week since she’d slipped and fallen on rocks whilst rafting on holiday and had had little opportunity to rest it since. Importantly, whilst she fell on it and it was a physical injury, there was still a reason why she attracted that injury to that part of her body at point in time. In working with me, we addressed it and reduced the pain from so intense she could barely walk up the stairs to the event and was uncomfortable the entire time, to being enormously relieved and even skipping down the same stairs the next day! Another benefit was that she immediately stopped taking double the recommended dose of extra strong pain killers – a huge benefit for her whole body as it was definitely not a long term option!


Adam is an incredible healer.
His ability to be fully present and sensitive allowed the space to work through some traumatic sexual assault issue that I wouldn’t share with anyone.
I left our session feeling 100% lighter, more relaxed and at peace than when I came.
I also got clarity on the things I needed to change to continue my healing.

Lisa R, Sydney


I had to face quite a big traumatic experience with a lot of emotions attached to it. Adam was able to guide me through this process with ease and grace to assist me in facing my fear and letting go. I felt a wave of relief wash over me and a feeling of clarity and amazement at how wonderful I am.

Sarah, Narre Warren



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