Matrix Reimprinting in Melbourne, Australia

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting  is used to clear traumatic experiences, release negative emotion and change limiting beliefs that directly affect your health, confidence and enjoyment of life.

It is gentle yet powerful because EFT is performed on your past self. This means that we don’t have to process the feelings and sensations through your body and can get more thorough results as we deal with the emotions at their source. In addition it is really helpful when you are disconnected from your feelings and may not even be aware of them.

As well as clearing the emotions that you felt at the time, you are given the opportunity to change the situation. This effectively transforms the memory so you can look back upon the situation without emotional intensity or uncomfortable visual images.


“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom”

Dr Joe Dispenza

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The great thing is that whatever the initial issue, be it pain, illness, phobias, traumas, relationships or self-sabotage due to fears of success, you will re-connect with your true self and notice the difference throughout every aspect of your life.

I first experienced the power of Matrix Reimprinting two years ago, when the massive shock of waking up in hospital to find I had been operated on was completely resolved. The memory had haunted me for years and now I can freely talk and even laugh about it.

Matrix Reimprinting also helped me return to health and vitality after suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have since studied full time, worked in a timber yard and can enjoy a walk in the mountains or kayak in the ocean without having to curl up into a ball and rest.

I have been featured in a number of magazine articles regarding my story. The most recent one can be read here.


Here are some testimonials from those that have benefitted from Matrix Reimprinting:


I’ve had arachnophobia since I can remember. So when I heard about Adam from a friend who said he could help with my arachnophobia I was curious to see what it was all about. It started off really simple, Adam explained what we were going to do and clarified if I ever felt uncomfortable I should just say so and we can stop. We began to talk about my previous encounters with spiders. Adam’s a really nice guy and made the whole experience really comfortable and easy to understand.

Once we had finished the treatment I went outside and one of my friends started teasing me about spiders; he even showed me a picture of a spider and I wasn’t afraid at all; I didn’t even flinch. Later on I saw a spider at the sink and it didn’t bother me at all; whereas I would usually go off screaming. This experience has really helped me develop. I now know that when I’m near spiders everything will be ok and that I have no reason to be afraid.

I would definitely recommend this treatment.

Sophie, 17, Rowville


It took 1 session of seeing Adam to get rid of 30 years of niggling, annoying, aching pain in the base of my head.

I discovered through a memory that it was due to an accident I had had when I was about five years old and that if I had had my neck checked and worked on at that time, I wouldn’t have had a long history of headaches and neck pain. Even though I had regular massages, had tried osteopathy and chiropractors – it was clearing the emotion associated with the memory and doing some physical Bowen therapy on my neck on my Echo (past self in the memory) that has had the best result! Wow I’m amazed.

Thanks Adam!

N. Collins, Mt Martha


For those that are looking to delve deep into and resolve a personal, business or health issue, we can meet in person in Melbourne, Australia or anywhere else in the world via phone or Skype.

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