META-Health Coach Melbourne

Have you ever wondered…

Why am I sick?

Why does it hurt here?

Why is it worse on one side?

Why does it go away and then come back?

What made this illness begin when it did?


And most importantly; how can I get rid of it?!


META-Health (previously known as META-Medicine) relates the onset of physical symptoms with specific stressful experiences.

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Coming from an engineering background, META-Health was the first wellness paradigm that allowed me to understand the logic of how stress causes disease.

Most importantly, it allows us to objectively view our symptoms as occurring as part of a natural and intelligent process. It helps us understand when and why our symptoms occur. It is extremely accurate because it considers the biological purpose of each tissue and how these adaptations have helped us to survive throughout our evolution. Ultimately, we can reduce and hopefully stop these patterns through a multitude of physical, emotional and cognitive interventions.

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What occurs in a META-Health Consultation?





Adam’s work with me, using Matrix Reimprinting and Meta Medicine has been so beneficial to me. I have Lyme Disease, and it has been a long road for me with a lot of illness, and discouragements along the way.

Adam has helped me to heal from this disease. He helped me get to the root of the issue, and kept guiding me towards my own answers. I have gone from feeling discouraged, disorganized and exhausted to having hope, regaining energy and finding my center and organizing my life.

Julie Johnson, Clinical Social Worker.

(Skype client from the U.S.)
Here is a video of Monica talking about the use of EFT and META-Health for Vertigo


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