Shamanic Healing

‘Shamans’ connect to and work with a range of spirits and realms of awareness which enables them to access a greater level of insight and wisdom than is typically available.

Are you familiar with Einstein and his famous quote, “Problems can’t be solved with the same thinking that created them”?

From a ‘shamanic’ prospective it makes perfect sense that the majority of the great insights, inventions and revolutions of our age such as Einsteins theories, the Apple Mac and works of literary art such as Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings may have in fact originated from a different plane of awareness and ‘downloaded’ to this physical plane via a dream or sudden insight that they developed into a physical system or product.

Indeed, one could consider connecting to the spirit world to work a little bit like surfing the internet; Its infinite, ever expanding and we can download or access reams of informations and new techniques in seconds.


As a result of his many years of experience, training and exploration, a session with Adam incorporates elements of ‘Shamanic Healing’ such as:


Adam walks the ‘Shamanic Path’ with great reverence and respect. It is humbling and sometimes overwhelming to experience such powerful transformations and to connect to spirits and planes of awareness above and below the ‘usual’. The funny thing is that we all have these abilities deep within us. It’s a simple case of hearing the knock on the door and realising that you in fact are the key.