The Tribe Heart Crew visit Byron Bay

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12 of the Tribe crew (featured in The Age) have just returned from a beautiful week up in Byron Bay. It was great to escape the Melbourne winter, and enjoy Byron Bay and its surroundings. I swam every second morning (the water is probably warmer up there in winter than it is during summer in Melbourne!!!) We went for a 3 day ‘Heart of Sales’ training run by the spiritually awakened Jeffrey Slayter.

Jeffrey Slayter Byron Bay Heart of Sales

My travel buddies, Paras Yazdani and Ming Chan and I gave it a full week and it was well worth it!

The morning we left, I was wearing a thick jumper and a big black jacket. By lunchtime, we were cruising down the coast road in a nice new hire car wearing T-shirts and stopping to marvel, and somersault in exaltment at the beautiful beaches. We stayed at the Rainforest Resort which was a great find by Paras. It had individual places set into the rainforest and it was a short walk to a secluded beach. Highly recommended for anyone looking to visit Byron Bay.

Byron Bay - Jetstar





The day didn’t finish there! By night time we had driven up to the foothills behind Mullumbimby to visit a couple of Melbourne friends living in a caravan on a community housing farm. It was a great moment to see them again. It had probably been 3 months since they’d left Melbourne, but so much had changed that it felt like a few years had passed. We sat around the fire, chopped and cooked pumpkin soup, reminisced over the festivals we went to during the Melbourne summer and bathed in the warm glow of the fire.

I actually took a lot more photos on my phone, however my phone decided to kamikaze into the ocean on the last day of the trip and hence they were lost.

We visited Crystal Castle the next day. What an adventure!!!!!!

The crystals there were more like boulders and we had a great time in the high vibrational energy generated by them.



Crystal Castle Byron Bay

We had so much fun in the first few days that we kept saying, “Wow, this has been so good, it’s already been worth the money!”

Alas, it came time for the course.

A lot of the crew only went up for four nights. For the main part, we hired out 2 penthouse apartment blocks to fit our group of 12 for an exceptionally reasonable rate. It was right in front of the beach so we could enjoy waking up to it in the morning, and hearing the waves roll in and crash when we got home late at night.

I’ve never really enjoyed sales.

My usual attitude is; “I don’t want to disempower people so that they think they are lacking and suffer elsewhere in life in order to ‘take’ their cash”.

However I have realized that ‘Sales is simply about finding a match’. The more I can find and connect to people that truly want to change their life and the state of the planet, the better off we’ll all be. I have realized that the value I add to people’s life is almost never offered elsewhere and that it is a gift that can last their lifetime.

So often, the work that I do is perceived as ‘optional – I’ve gotta pay my car insurance first’. Whilst paying insurance is pretty important for peace of mind and taking responsibility for our future actions so they don’t become a burden upon others, it is just as important that we invest in our life.

The work I do and teach literally saves many years of going in the wrong direction or even worse, repeatedly beating your head up against a wall. It immediately awakens you to who they are, so you can make life-affirming choices that activate the light energies of those around you. It provides deeper insight into your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior and is a pathway for you to create significant change in their life. Once the changes have been made to a high enough level, you don’t go back!

It’s a bit like how our societal standards change. A few hundred years ago, it was normal to work 15 hour days in sooty environments with no safety gear. Nowadays, that would be obscene. Soon enough, a lot of our jobs and work conditions will be seen in a similar light, because we collectively rise.

The people we met on the course are a massive testament to Jeffery Slayter and his level of heart opening and personal development. The energy in the room was beautiful and I was so grateful to make such deep connections with people that I’d love to work with far into the future.

I ended up doing an impromptu session with Pam. She was a participant on the course had been experiencing terrible lower back pain for about a week since she’d slipped and fallen on rocks whilst rafting on holiday and had had little opportunity to rest it since. Importantly, whilst she fell on it and it was a physical injury, there was still a reason why she attracted that injury to that part of her body at point in time. In working with me, we addressed it and reduced the pain from so intense she could barely walk up the stairs to the event and was uncomfortable the entire time, to being enormously relieved and even skipping down the same stairs the next day! Another benefit was that she immediately stopped taking double the recommended dose of extra strong pain killers – a huge benefit for her whole body as it was definitely not a long term option!

Pam was nice enough to record a quick testimonial;

The day after the course I also ran an energy healing session on another participant back at our penthouse. It was a beautiful experience as well. We got down to some deep traumas that she’d never shared before and insight into her current circumstances in life and what she could do in order for it to change. Thank you, it was an honour!

Finally, we spent the last afternoon at the beach, soaking up the sun, salt and surf and using the space to consolidate the new information and integrate a new way of being in business and life.

Upon boarding the plane, I almost got off straight away.

The trip had been so nice and expansive and my legs suddenly became heavy as lead. My body was reminding me how much it enjoyed the adventure and my spirit was making it clear that I needed more of that in the future.

Jetstar flight Melbourne to Byron bay Clouds

It was hard to return to Melbourne. It was still cold, we could feel the ‘zing’ of the power lines all around us as we drove back through the city and we knew we’d have an extra rush in the next week to unpack our stuff, hit the ground running with new clients and jobs booked, implement our insights, lessons and procedures and start planning for the next trip!

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