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People diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia are gifted, emotionally aware and naturally happy people that suddenly struggle to do what they’ve always done.

It’s really tough when you’re suddenly exhausted for no apparent reason and it gets progressively worse regardless of how hard you try. I’ve been through the years of medical tests and appointments and know exactly how confusing, frustrating and invalidating is can be when you’re finally told that there is no clear explanation or effective treatment. And worst of all, whilst this is all happening, you watch from the sidelines as your friends and famly create a happy and enjoyable life.


You don’t deserve to suffer and in fact were born to thrive


As a result of my journey of being diagnosed with CFS at the young age of 10 and facing the prospect of an extremely limited and unfulfilling life, it is my mission to support and empower others to grow and transform their lives.

Similar conditions for which my coaching may assist;


Whilst we are working together, I am a guide for the next phase of your life.

We cover three general phases;


As part of the process, I’ll teach you a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

EFT assists the body to relax out of a recurrent stress response. I know of it’s massive value, as using it myself as well as seeing a practitioner lead to me being transformed from pale, shaky and disconnected from the world, to vibrant, full coloured and connected to others and the world at a much deeper level than I was before.

We look at the timing of the onset of your symptoms in detail and determine if the illness is primarily due to a  single stressful period in your life or simply the gift of your higher-self leading you towards the next phase of your life.

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Often the most difficult part of CFS isn’t dealing with the symptoms themselves. The hardest part is having your life collapse around you, and losing contact, fun and satisfaction of friends, work/study and exercise. And when you do begin to feel better, it takes a lot of courage to re-enter the world that has rushed on without you.

Because I have walked this path I share wisdom and guidance throughout this phase.


“I went along without expectations and was surprised at Adam’s wisdom and presence at such a young age. The biggest insight, a major highlight and life-altering experience, happened at the instant Adam stopped drumming. I felt a wave start at the top of my head and passed all the way down my body; a clearing. Then I began to notice an openness developing inside of me that grew beyond my physical body and encompassed everything. So much so that when Adam asked about the concerns I had walked in with, I answered with “What concerns?” I was the Universe and the Universe was me and everything was perfect.

I would recommend Adam to anyone who is willing to go deeper into the reasons behind their illness, state of mind, state of being, and who is open to modalities that may not fall into mainstream practice. If you are wanting to change and meet the real you, then Adam would be a great support.”

Columbina, Melbourne, Australia


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