Have you ever considered it strange that a ‘normal’ person can suddenly turn to jelly in front of a particular object, animal or situation?

Has it ever happened to you?


What if you could calmly steer clear of spiders without the ‘need’ to vomit or scream?

What if you could travel for business or to see loved ones without disruptive fear and anxiety?

What if you could speak with confidence at an important function?


Phobias aren’t fun, and you don’t need them!


Many of our phobias arise from an association with past traumatic experiences.

For example, I helped a client with pretty intense arachnophobia (fear of spiders).

It turns out that when she was very little, she got lost from her mum at the shops. She had felt really scared, had no idea what was happening and literally didn’t know how she would survive. At that point she looked around the store and noticed a big fluffy spider toy on the shelves.

From that point onwards, every time she saw a spider, she was subconsciously reminded of that earlier memory. The fight/fright/freeze response would activate to help her survive the perceived threat.

Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, she remembered the situation and we cleared the shock and emotion felt at the time. And as a result of that one session, she is comfortable seeing a spider right in front of her. Now thats freedom!


Contact me if you want to be free.