Trauma, PTSD and Panic Attacks

We all experience traumatic moments

They involve feelings of fear, horror and helplessness and activate the fight/flight/freeze response.

The embodied stress of stressful situations often results in a degree of PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, negative physical reactions and avoidance behaviour.

The technique I use, Matrix Reimprinting, helped me deal with the trauma of an accident. At the time I was worried that I might not survive and was unprepared for the subsequent operation. After a difficult time in hospital, I had to deal with the embarrassment of two months at school with a colostomy and the dread of returning to hospital for another operation hanging over my head.

The trauma, shock, fear and feelings of panic stayed with me for many years until they were addressed. It was a massive relief to process the emotional and physical trauma that had occurred. As a result, I had a sudden boost of energy and regained my self-worth.


Common traumatic situations include:


A session of Matrix Reimprinting will help you to process and release the emotions you felt at the time and for your body to discharge the freeze/fight/flight response.

My clients tend to experience a massive sense relief after these sessions and are amazed at how much they were still holding onto and how significantly the trapped emotion and stress was affecting their life. Learn more here.


Contact Adam if you suspect (or know) that the shock and emotion from past stressful situations is negatively affecting your life.