Re-Write your past with Matrix Reimprinting

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I have been using Matrix Reimprinting alongside EFT with clients for many years. The basic concept is to access the relevant memory, use the acupressure tapping to clear the shock and emotion felt at the time of trauma and ‘re-imprint’ a more positive memory that improves their functionality and enjoyment of life.


Top Neuroscientists such as Daniela Schiller from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine have shown that memories can be re-written each time we access them.


“This decade is the time of a revolution in the way we perceive memory,” Schiller told attendees. For the previous century, the accepted view was that once captured and stored in neural circuits in the brain, a memory could be retrieved but could not be rewritten. In that view, every time an experience is relived, it is the same, over and over.

Now, however, researchers understand that that the process of recalling a memory actually changes it. “Each time you retrieve a memory it undergoes this storage process,” Schiller told me over the phone the day before EmTech. That means the memory is in an unstable state, rewritten and remodeled every time it is retrieved.”

The memory of traumatic events plague many lives and can even lead to psychiatric illness. The new understanding of memories means they can be “updated.” Schiller says that if you block the memory storage process, you might be able to eliminate the memory. Or, if you recall a painful memory in a context of positive emotion, the tenor of that negative experience could change. “We aren’t a slave to our past,” said Schiller. “If you are stuck with a bad memory, it is just one version; it’s not exactly the truth and you can revise it,”

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Here is an excellent video by Karin Davidson which not only illustrates the science behind how memories are adaptable, but goes so far as to include a quick and fun example of how Matrix Reimprinting works and how it helps to change our past, current and future.



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